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The following design was one of my first projects for Moodgadget, a Brooklyn-based electronic record label.  A more detailed account of the design and the dream that inspired it can be found on my blog.  The following is an exerpt of that account:

"A burgundy snow-capped mountain sat on the horizon behind a fading blue sunset, and below it, a lake with reflections of purple.  We sat on a dock made of green bamboo that bent and swayed, dipping our toes in the water as we laughed over shared fond memories.  I woke up and instantly knew that this was the idea I had been looking for."

Below are three of the four deliverables that came from the design, I plan to revisit the idea in hopes of doing justice to the landscape I actually witnessed in my dream sometime in the near future, perhaps to take form as an independently-released limited run print.
Front cover, tracklisting, and insert for No New Enemies Vol. 1, released November, 2008.
Featured on iTunes Store's electronic section and Kompakt MP3 upon release.
Tour poster for the Moodgadget Fall 2008 Tour, printed at 11" x 17"  posted across the above listed cities and featured on ISO50.  A standard promotional flyer at roughtly 4.25" x 6" was also printed, with a differently-sequenced headline. 
Moodgadget limited run "Burgundy Peak" tee, featuring the Mountain design from No New Enemies Vol. 1, printed on American Apparel Fine Jersey Cotton.