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    Collaboration print by OBLVN x PROJECTPIXEL
" Shukri Samsuri, a photographer based in Singapore. Im a photographer that doesn’t limit myself to any genre of photography and anything is possible thru my lens. I’m self-taught gaining strength thru trial and error. My life evolves around listening to music, painting, or taking pictures of whatever interests me at the moment. The concept of capturing a moment and the holding it in your hands always fascinated me. I think an image allows one to freeze emotions, time and light so we can deconstruct the world at our own pace. I am set to capture the mood of the people, my surroundings that people do not usually perceive. To impact others with the images that I shoot through the lens. I crave for the moment of hesitation from others as thoughts run across their mind and bring up recollections, memories from their own lives when they view my works. There are many reasons why we take and make photographs but if I think about it, the bottom line is that, for me, its like writing a diary. My photographs make a pictorial journal, a kind of autobiography telling who I am, what I’ve done and where I’ve been. "