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    Branding for a new apparel label based in Singapore.
fabric |ˈfabrik|
1 cloth, typically produced by weaving or knitting textile fibers : heavy silk fabric | waterproof fabrics.
2 the walls, floor, and roof of a building.
• the body of a car or aircraft.
• figurative the essential structure of anything, esp. a society or culture : the fabric of society.
Start up label  by  a good mate that asembled each and every piece of his captured moments  thru a magnifyng lens and when this turns old, it will be like a family potrait that you will be able to think back.
I made a good selection after doodling some ideas onto  papers and to have a clean image flowing thru out and that reflect to :
Shukri Samsuri is another potential photographer based in Singapore with an iconic style of what he is capturing.A qualified member of the Master Photographers Association (MPA), the UK’s premier organisation for full-time professional photographers.
FBRK getting into print soon!
Solid furnished woven label are ready to go with every piece of tshirts by FBRK
Art Direction & designed by
Taufek Asmarak