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    Al ‘Alamayn or El ‘Alamein, town in northeasternEgypt, in Matruh governorate, located near theMediterranean Sea.
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"Design is about solving problem, Art is about creating them"
Al ‘Alamayn or El ‘Alamein, town in northeasternEgypt, in Matruh governorate, located near theMediterranean Sea. Al ‘Alamayn is 326 km (202 mi)northwest of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and 103 km
(64 mi) west of Alexandria. The town is most famous asthe scene of one of the most important battles of WorldWar II (1939-1945).
In the late 1960s the discovery and exploitation of oilboosted the economy of Al ‘Alamayn. An oil terminal wasbuilt at the nearby resort town of SidiAbd al Rahman. TheMediterranean coast north of Al ‘Alamayn has a numberof rest houses and hotels, with plans to develop more.With good road and rail links to Alexandria, the town isalso a gateway for exploring the Qattara Depression,

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Day - perspective 
Night - perspective 
"For some years now I have been positioned between art and architecture, theory andpractice, exploring the patterning of intersections across this pair of tow-wayrelationships. In Arts and Architecture I trace the multiple dynamics of this ongoinginvestigation and, in so doing, draw on a range of theoretical ideas from a number ofdisciplines to examine artworks and architecture projects. It is neither desirable norpossible to sketch out an inclusive picture of contemporary art and architecture. Todo so one would have to operate without any selection criteria. Such an approachwould run against the grain of this project, Which, at its core, is concerned with aspecific kind of practice, one that is both critical and spatial, and that I call “ criticalspatial practice “ . In art such work has been variously described as contextualpractice, site- specific art and public art; in architecture it has been described asconceptual design and urban intervention. To encounter such modes of practice, inArt and Architecture I visit works produced by galleries that operate “ outside “ theirphysical limits, commissioning agencies and independent curators who support anddevelop “ site-specific “ work and artists, architects and collaborative groups thatproduce various kinds of critical projects from performance art to urban design."
inner plaza
Escalator - Entrance 
Every artist has moments of inspiration that will be effected with his environmental where he live in.
light, shadow and wide landscape is the most effective forces on the creativity, So when the artist looks at light that inspire himself with ideas and unlimited imagination as a target to reach the pest of his artistic designs.
The sky line of the building present the raise of light on earth that present the beginning of a new age of creativity and design .
At the fourth floor their is a great plaza which has a large opining in the north and the south facades that make the artist inspire himself with the colors of the plants in “El’alamein park” at the north and the yellow curvy sand of the desert at the south.
This opining helps to better ventilate the building and get indirect light through it to the lecture rooms and workshops.
Art & Design school is a colloquial term for any educational institution with a primary focus onthe visual arts, especially graphic design, illustration, painting, photography, sculpture,Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration, Environmental Design, Industrial Design, Industrial Design, andMaterial Art & Design. They are distinguished from larger institutions which may also offer majorsor degrees in the visual arts, but only as one part of a broad-based range of programs (such asthe liberal arts and sciences). France's École des Beaux-Arts is perhaps the first model for suchorganized instruction, breaking with a tradition of master/apprentice instruction. If accredited as acollege, most art schools grant a Bachelor of Fine Arts, or a Fine Art B.A. 
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