observing the darkness
The darkness is the absence of the visible light which can inspire artists by sensing the opposites. The main concept of the design is how people can be aware and observe the darkness by using led lights and their own eyes that can be suitable for the environmental lighting.
Aurora Borealis
One of the most wonderful and inspiration 
phenomena that is related to the poles, 
to improve the visibility of this phenomena, 
the led lights chosen to reserve the darkness.
streets lightning carbon footprint can be reduced by 85% by exchanging all incandescent bulbs for new LEDs. The led lights can provide the light needed for people to observe in the darkness beside it to observe the darkness to get inspired by the universe lightning without disturbance.
Auro Light use galvanized aluminum coated by a new technology called Quench Coat. It is a simple drop-in replacement for chromate in the galvanizing industry,
Some alternatives to chromate require the use of hazardous solvents, which have occupational health and safety issues. Because Quench Coat is water-based, it has none of these disadvantages.
Sensors ... For more energy efficient and power saving, each column has two sensors (one in front facing street and one on the back). These sensors to control light intensity level or even turn of the light according to the surrounding environment like when day light starts to appear the column starts to lower the light intensity till it is off. The sensors could also be useful to control light according the people in street.