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Meringue Cafe

I was commissioned to create the identity for Meringue Cafe chain in Moscow, a new competitive brand that respond to contemporary restaurants.

After researching I established the core brand aims as ‘always fresh‘, ‘tasty‘, ‘contemporary‘, ‘compatitive‘,
‘fast‘, ‘qualitative‘, ‘not gimmicks‘. I established that most of competitors on Russian market are the same and doesn’t have strong fresh philosophy for fast food restaurants.

I explored what would make the brand special, and what difference it would make to customers, as well as what would differentiate from its competitors. As ambitious designer I was looking to be different and create an idea of fresh business as basis and in the same time simple and true.

During visual research I was inspired by fresh taste and color of raspberry desert, which become a basis
idea to drive it. I combined it with the basic beverages and deserts that served in the cafe which was transformed into simple pattern and fuchsia color with fresh green details.