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    Art installation to celebrate the Ramadhan month that was inspired by the 'ketupat' made completely out of rattan and bamboo.
art installation
'Ketupat' is a popular icon of the month ofRamadhan. It was first introduced by Sunan Kalijaga in tradition of 'Bakda Lebaran'. The shape of 'Ketupat' represents Perfection and Balance. While the weaves of the 'janur'symbolizes the intricacy of human imperfections. The enveloping of the purity and humility of human's heart is represented by the cooked rice within the ‘Ketupat’. This is then revealed upon Ramadhan. 

The name is derived from the javanese words ‘Ngaku Lepat’ which means to confess, a part of Sillaturahmi that has been practised in our society during the celebration day of Idul Fitri.However, this is nothing like what we encounter in present life. Human beings are weak of temptations, we are far from perfection, and the whole universe is still wildly out of balance due to our substantial destructive behaviors. These are the issues that inspired our art installation that is completely made out of our local humble natural materials; rattan and bamboo . The shape of the installation is a deconstructive interpretation of ‘Ketupat’. It personifies us, human beings, together  with all of our flaws and imperfections. The woven bamboo is used  to replicate the ’janur’ weaves on the ‘Ketupat’ and rattan poles as the main construction. Each of the sides are support each other  to hold its form, to epitomize  the important  values of silaturahmi.