Dapour 100 Eatery & Bar
The 100 Eatery & Bar
Interior design by alvinT Studio 
Product design by alvinT Studio
Photography by Martin Westlake 
Dapour and 100 Eatery & Bar
Dapour’s concept is founded in the mystical and flavorful history of Indonesian culture and cuisine. 
Across the Archipelago cuisine and eating plays a special place, not only the local varieties and 
specialties that make up much of the regional and national identity but the social rituals and hospitality 
surrounding food in Indonesia. 
A country blessed with an immense diversity of ingredients almost unmatched anywhere in the world 
Indonesia’s food is both as diverse as it is delicious. 
Dapour showcases this rich diversity and cultural heritage through a mixture of texture, colors and material that is typical Indonesian but re-interpreted via a contemporary approach. The result is an exciting and truly international experience reflective of the vibrant, exciting modern Indonesia that we live in. alvinT Studio wanted for the Interior to speak the same spirit through modernity. 
Dapour consist of a main dining area and 4 private rooms that was designed individually to create different moods. A great deal of effort was put into designing the details of this restaurant. Anything from the patterns of the flooring, the facia of the bar, to the patterned ceiling on the main dining area and to the suspended potted plant-pendant made out of terracotta. 
The 100 BAR, is a stylish terrace with a bar in a newly built annex of the existing building. The 100 Bar displays an open-plan dining area with extreme high ceiling. The wooden deck combined with outdoor furniture creates a mixed atmosphere of bringing the outdoor indoors. 
This spacious dining area were complimented with lofty skeletal like chandelier all these are bespoke design by Alvin and his team at alvinT Studio. 
Alvin wishes that this project would lay the first stone of how contemporary Interior design with strong local (indonesian) identity can look like. Indonesia, Jakarta especially have been swarmed with western design culture in quite in an alarming way where the local identity could be buried away sooner than we us Indonesians think. 
100 Eatery & Bar dining area 
100 Bar
Bespoke bar stool by alvinTStudio 
Bespoke tile design and wallpaper pattern by alvinTStudio 
Semi Private dining area 
Photograph on wall by Martin Westlake 
Private dining area 
Wallpaper design by alvinT 
Main dining area with patterned ceiling 
Private dining area 
Private dining area
Feature wall made using laser cut wood panels with a modernised-Ikat pattern
Khalla Dining chair with leather back by alvinT 
Wallpaper design by alvinT produced by Goodrich
Bespoke Barstool and potted plants - and pendant by alvinT Studio 
Public restroom at Dapour 
Dapour 100 Eatery & Bar

Dapour 100 Eatery & Bar

Restaurant & Bar located in Hotel Atlet Century Park, Senayan Jakarta - Indonesia