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Westeinde Caption Type Family
Westeinde Caption type family was designed in 2013–2014 by Adam Katyi
© All rights reserved.
Release date: 06th October 2014

Awards: The Hungarian Design Award in 2014.
Available in 5 weights: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold and Heavy. With normal and italic styles too. 
Language support: Basic Latin, West- and Central Europe, Baltic, Romanian, Turkish.
Westeinde Caption is available for Desktop licence in
OpenType Postscript Format from the Hungarumlaut Type Foundry
The idea behind Westeinde:
When the designers set type with lead-type, they had a different design for each size, size specific design. Legible at 6 pt, beautiful at 72 pt. Fonts were designed specifically for the size, for which they were to be used. But when they started to adapt the typefaces from lead-type to photo-type setting, in most cases they adapted only one optical size, and used the typeface with the same design in both, 6 and 72 point size. (Respect for the exceptions, like TypoArt in East Germany, they adapted all the optical sizes). So this thing was always in my mind, that in many cases we don’t use the right typeface.
About the design process

I started this typeface as my diploma project in The Hague, The Netherlands, at the Royal Academy of Art, Type and Media master course. Read more about the process on:
We started with family-planning and sketching, and I did some historical and technical research about the optical sizes. I compared the different designs in big and small sizes, and I tested the shapes in different sizes. After these experiences I started the sketching for the all family together, with all the weights. I started the digital work with the two extreme optical sizes: Caption and Display. I tested them together in the whole process. And I completed them to a family with several styles. For the graduation I finished four weights: Caption Regular, Display Regular, Italic and Black. Soon I will complete the family. On our graduation website you can find more details about the process.
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Westeinde Caption is available from the Hungarumlaut Type Foundry
For more information an downloading please visit our website.
Westeinde Caption Type Family

Westeinde Caption Type Family

Westeinde Caption type family was designed in 2013–2014 by Adam Katyi © All rights reserved. Release date: 06th October 2014 Awards: The Hungari Read More