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Hungarian Design Yearbook 2013
Student Show
Hungarian Design Yearbook 2013 is a niche volume to settle a debt decades in waiting, to Hungarian design: it gives a summary and quintessence of the achievements, trends and phenomena of contemporary Hungarian design, while enables Hungary enter the international dialogue heads high. The volume, featuring six essays and over 130 projects, is available for reading at or for free download as an e-book.
Visual identity:
My basic idea was using the simplified sihoulettes of the design products as the main graphic elements. 
The shapes connect to the content, and create a strong visual identity.
The layout system:
was the 'align-bottom' for the content. Still the titles and the captions are on the top-outer corners, so you can find the important informations really easy.

I designed the typeface too, Westeinde Caption debuted in this book. I separated the english texts with the italic styles.
More information about Westeinde:

The identity color is a special spot color, the Pantone 351U 'light-minth-green'. 
The cover
was printed with silver embossing. This technique gives a high-quality feeling to the book, and shows it's not only a handbook, this is the bible of the hungarian design.
The book contains more than 140 high quality photos, so we needed the best color quality, still nice touch paper, so the book was printed on a special Claro Bulk paper.
Responsive Minisite
I designed and programmed a responsive minisite for the book. You can check more information there, and download the Design Yearbook 2013.
Thank you,
for the awesome team:
Editor-in-chief, project leader: Rita Mária Halasi
Project managers: Barbara Bodnár, Petra Hoffmann
Editors: Petra Hoffmann, Dániel Kovács, Márton Szentpéteri
Thank you for watching! You can find more details about the project and process on my website:
Hungarian Design Yearbook 2013

Hungarian Design Yearbook 2013

Hungarian Design Yearbook 2013 is a niche volume to settle a debt decades in waiting, to Hungarian design: it gives a summary and quintessence of Read More
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