Design Team:
Lead Designer: Yong Jieyu
Design Principals: Donn Koh, Lee Tze Ming
Designer: Cheng Siew Ming
Designed and developed in Sep 2012. Launched in Oct 2012.
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Redesign of Champs Best-sellers, 2012
Industrial Design / Product Design
A refresh of their 2 best-selling models in the market. Champs wanted to 'freshen' up the design and create a renewed identity for their new range. 

We identified and retained the elements that made the best-selling designs memorable - the 'step' and the 'wave', and made it a point to keep these elements throughout the design process . Informed by Champ's new branding identity of 'Basic +', we refined the original designs with simplicity and elegance. We pushed for improvements in 'quality perception' through tighter tolerances around the knobs, and a more youthful way of communicating temperature and water flow.
Designing for all Stakeholders
A quick sketch-over process that discuses product format was used to allow the client to quickly flag out their appetite for risk and innovative product formats. This helped the team get quickly aligned with the client's expectations and preferences.
One of the requirement is the ability to create design variations easily for different retailers. Our approach was to create a single base-plate that can be fitted with distinctly different front and knobs to create unique product out look. We formulated the strategy of using front-plate, knobs, and accompanying graphics to create multiple possibilities of product outlook using the same electrical board layout and base-plate.
Champs Water Heater