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Eddie Mauro™. Smart bio air purifier. 2014. Product and car design. 70+ projects. Design Lab Electrolux 2014. Winner of Design of Design International Award (2015)

Bonbõn. (Bon=good) Bon air, bon life. Smart bio air purifier. Contains plants and it has a system that enhances its cleanup and filtration capacity.

Plants and microorganisms are excellent air cleaners in environment (checked by NASA studies): these are part of nature, who is one of the most efficient and sustainable systems in the world. Bonbõn is a product that contains a plant and its function is to potentiate the ability of this to purify the air, increasing and controlling airflow; promoting adequate environments to sustain this, routing contaminated air to the roots, and finally implementing a smart system (with scanning drone, sensors and communication technologies) that allows an operation automated and efficient. Powered by solar energy: alternative energy, and sustainable source of great future potential. Bonbõn has a shape that evokes a flower bud and is designed especially for climbing plants, which have a meaning of growth and development.

Bonbõn seeks to cover that trends: concern for the care and health (house indoor is one of the spaces of major permanence and a quality environment into it is key to the health and welfare of the people); use of smartphones (smart grids); activities displaced to automated devices; consumers more environmental commitment and the interest for truly eco-friendly alternatives.

Download 3d free model here: