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    A collection of work centred around the European Hockey League.
European Hockey League (EHL)
The EHL is essentially the Champions League of hockey, the best clubs from European hockey compete in a large tournament. The gameplay is fast paced and the skills on show are some of the best in the world, EHL now broadcasts the tournament via livestreaming primarily on youtube.
EHL Highlights
A short highlight video that can be played at the end of a day's broadcast, or in between matches. Sports always capture great moments of drama, highlights present these in a fast paced, well presented manner. I used a contemporary song in the video to appeal to the EHL demographic (young men and women who have a keen interest in hockey).
The footage is synchornised with the song, it's fast pace is meant to emulate that of the game itself. The transition between goal and celeberation occurs on the trumpet sound in the song, a simple crossfade of 10 frames was used alongside a film burn overlay to add some colour and make the transition smoother.
EHL Idents
This is an ident created using the Plexus plug-in for After Effects. It starts zoomed in within the letters 'EHL'. The camera then zooms out and reveals the word.
These idents use the existing EHL logo but offer a new way of presenting it. A common theme within each ident is a green/black colour scheme, consistent with the original logo. The green also fits with the astro turf on the hockey pitch. The sound design is clean and simple, accentuating the ident animation.
A simple ident, with gradient backgdrop and some sound design.
This ident features a blurred EHL logo over the top of match footage, sounds from the game are also used as the logo reveals
The following two idents follow the same theme, incorporating the EHL logo with gameplay footage, some simple particles and a green flare are also added to make the screen more exciting.
This is a more futuristic ident that features a variety of different solids animated in After Effects. The circular spinning motion emulates a hockey ball, with the EHL logo in the middle. I don't think this ident particularly fits with the EHL, however I wanted to produce a variety of idents.