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Kidz Delight - Princess Max 3
The Princess Max products were one of Kids Delight hit during the last decade. Designing the third version of this mini platform based on the Touch Screen technology was a real challenge. Specially since the product could not miss its market.
The product is aiming girls from 8 years old, it contains a full set of educative activities and allows the user to interact with the unit by touching the screen with the pencil.
From the beginning our approach was to give the user a complete experience. Most children of this age are imitating adult behavior patterns, it is not a surprise for a mother to find her young daughter weiring her shoes for exemple. That's why we decided to focus on women accessories and mainly make up products in order to design something "girly" but not "baby". We wanted the product to communicate  "The very sucessful Princess Max is back with a modern design". Therefor  the shape of a powder case came by itself.
It includes a touch screen, a stylus, a mirror and lots of activities.
The product has twenty activities to play with by simple interaction with the screen :
- 5 educational programs (multiplication tables…)
- 5 activities (horoscope, name, match…)
- 5 games to have fun with friends
- 5 tools to manage your busy schedule (phone book…)
- Pocket size and lovely charms
- Real mirror
- Magical Mood sensor A well balanced content, half fun, half educational, to satisfy both parents and kids.
The top graphic is a mixture of different childhood elements such as a flower, a butterfly and a heart.
Because all details matter all associated objects were thought to bring meaning to the product. For example the stylus was designed as a reminder of a make-up brush.
"Girly culture is now the second largest market in the world culture. 
From Cinderella to Barbie, from the Spice Girls to Rihanna via the provocative Miley Cyrus, princesses and pop icons are the ambassadors of this ambiguous world that constantly oscillates between innocence and provocation. 
One of the most visible aspects of this globalized culture is the advent of the "rose" as THE standard color for girls. 
Faced with this global phenomenon of immense power, the against-culture organized. 
In a large sickl of clichés, punk singers Riot Grrrls invent Grrrl Power, photographer Dina Goldstein creates a depressive Barbie, young filmmakers imagine Rapunzel drug dealer crack when the whole canvas the absurd parody of sexism last clip of Robin Thicke, Blurred Lines. Many safeguards to remember that the fairy tale may turn into a nightmare."
Quote from the documentary of director Cecile Denjean - "Princesses, Pop Stars & Girl Power".
Responsible for the analyzis, researches, ideation, industrial design, 3D building, packaging simulation, prototyping and development.
Realized at KD Group.

Industrial Design : KD Group
Kidz Delight - Princess Max 3


Kidz Delight - Princess Max 3

Category: Toy At: KD Group For: Kidz Delight Completed: 2014