Passage of Mood Swings
Steph W
Vision & Objective
The main objective of this project was to add an artistic merit to the pictures captured by the handmade
pin-hole camera last week and present it as an interesting reactive loop. Last week, I focused on creating passage through the positive and negative spaces of my compositions. My revised concept this week is to connect my previous collection of images about passage with an emotional interaction of mood swings through Processing.
Interactive Component
Sensory Chest is the name of my input device, it is essentially a case over a wireless computer mouse that collects input data. Colour changes will occur depending on the speed of the mouse movement.
Concept of Mood Swings
Mood Swings are extreme or rapid change in mood, changing a person’s energy levels. By reviewing psychological properties of colours, here is my interpretation of mood swings. I attempted to express four relevant moods by coding four cases.
Normal State
This is my image at it’s normal state. It’s a loop of two pictures 
projected at the same time to create an effect of double-exposure.
Case 1 | Mellow
A slow & steady movement of the Sensory Chest is communicated
as calmness. You are in control of your emotions and actions.
Case 2 | Energetic
A slightly more rapid motion is triggered as high energy. Tangerine
is chosen to reflect on the warmth of your excitement.
Case 3 | Anger
Anger and frustration causes irritability, stress, and reactions beyond our
control. This chaotic mode is activated when we rage out at the Sensory Chest.
As I had to work around my limited coding knowledge and a time constraint, getting the math right and working for the sensor part of the code was challenging. This part of the coding affected the relationship between the interactive elements and the display. If I were to review this assignment, I would add strict parameters to the interactive window so the mouse sensor input would be more fluid. 
Passage of Mood Swings

Passage of Mood Swings

Using my images from Camera Obscura, I created this Narrative Loop using Processing.


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