Designers In Progress
A Simon Fraser University club and association established in September 2014. Speaking as the Vice President of the organization, our goal is to build opportunities for current design students to network with alumni, industry professionals, and likeminded individuals in Vancouver. We are passionate and enthusiastic about all forms of design, whether it be print or digital.
We organized a launch party for DIP to kickstart the beginning of a very meaningful student organization especially for the undergraduates of Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts & Technology.
Before we finalized the details with the location, we wanted to send out a teaser onto all our social media plugs to keep our members updated with what's coming. Hence, this pictorial was released. The image chosen was taken at the actual venue to disclose what to anticipate for.

After we finished confirming all the details, it was time to market and advertise our event. The following posters were distributed out to bulletin boards, city posts, and online media.

While the poster made sense to SFU SIAT students and staff, we then realized that the public would have to actually check into our online mediums to learn about what DIP is all about. So for future events, we now know what additional information we will need to include next time :)
Thanks for viewing!