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Calligraphy Manuals: Blackletter — Textura


The Calligraphy Book.
A Guide to Blackletter Textura.

Blackletter — Textura is the third iteration in Calligraphy Manuals: a collection of instructional books where each one approaches a single calligraphic style.
       Calligraphy Manuals: Blackletter — Textura dives into the famous script of the same name. This time, we’ve collaborated with João Varela, exploring Textura’s forms from its historical heritage to its contemporary interpretations.
       Thoroughly illustrated, from tools to letter shapes, it covers the full spectrum of the Textura hand and goes all the way through to advanced letter construction. All of it fully annotated with descriptions, hints and tips, breaking down concepts and techniques in the most simple and straightforward way, in order to optimise learning the style.

To accompany the book, three posters were also developed and are available at our online store: a map of majuscules variations, a full minuscules alphabet highlighting the construction and direction of each stroke​​​​​ and a hand-painted limited edition original.

Collection Calligraphy manuals
Title Blackletter — Textura
Date 2024

Publisher 0.itemzero
Calligraphy João Varela
Authors  João Varela "joãoistyping", Fábio Duarte Martins,
Rúben Reis Dias, Ricardo Philippe Dantas
Revision Hugo Rocha
Consultancy Pedro Amado
Design 0.itemzero, Fábio Duarte Martins,
Rúben Reis Dias, Ricardo Philippe Dantas
Size 150 x 204 mm
Bruta — &Discover, 
Carne — 0.itemzero​​​​​​​
Binding Singer Sewing
Print & Binding Gráfica Maiadouro

Calligraphy Manuals: Blackletter — Textura

Calligraphy Manuals: Blackletter — Textura