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MAISON ELITAL - Brand Identity

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Brand Identity

MAISON ELITAL is a caterer located in the heart of Paris founded in March 2024. Specialising in top-of-the-range catering, the company offers a varied menu based on oriental cuisine. The graphic identity of MAISON ELITAL is based on the image of the ribbon, in the image of its values: trust, elegance, tradition, expertise and adaptability are the very essence of this company.

This brand book presents the construction of MAISON ELITAL's visual identity. It also recounts the history and origins of the brand. Drawing on the concepts and environment surrounding this project, this book presents the brand's entire identity universe. 

With this brand book, you can enter the world of graphic design and follow its development and possibilities. First, you'll learn about the construction of this project and the development of its identity. 


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MAISON ELITAL - Brand Identity


MAISON ELITAL - Brand Identity