Finnian MacManus
After losing the city of Arrakeen, the Atreides fled to the desert. The Harkonnen were free to exude their power and dominance over the city- transforming it and bending it to their will. This is the first series out of three for the redesign of Dune.
The city itself- Harakkeen
I wanted to stress the Harkonnen's power and dominance- their influence spreads like a web over the city, the tendrils from their fortress casting shadows on every structure.
The Depths
This is the street view of the Harakkeen city- I changed the tower design a bit since then, but still wanted to give off the opression vibe. There's a curfew at night which makes the streets barren, making the city appear abandoned- though the glimmer of lights through resident's windows remind us that the city is inhabited and the harsh reality they live in.
Pheonix Gate
An unfinished sketch of the final frame- I will get back to this and finish it at a later date.
The Form Language for this project was the Fresnel Lens. Its a very interesting lens that resides inside any lighthouse. its very efficient because of its refracting surfaces, and saves alot of energy when projecting a high focused beam. This form language will be incorperated into each piece in this project- both the physical form and conceptual meaning.
Sketching Phase
For every piece I always do some rough sketches traditionally before I start, to nail the design sense. While these aren't exactly the finished designs, they led me down the right path to arrive at the finished pieces.
Painting process for Harakkeen City
Initial Composition sketch
Process GIF
Alternate story final
Atreidei Ship and tower models in Cinema 4D- using matte painting techniques I inserted them into the image.
The Depths Process
Initial Composiion thumbnail
Initial Color Sketch
Painting Process GIF
I hope you enjoy this project!! Watch out for the upcoming Bene Gesserit and Fremen redesigns.