The Maw of Hunger
Concept art for my new IP Jan-June '15
Finnian MacManus
A meditation chamber and home base the main player can return to, almost like a safe hub in the game.
Inspired by the community of Auroville in India.
Scarlet Chamber

An area in the home city for the main player, where you can go to learn the gossip around the city, and speak with several quest givers.
Burial Site

The start of the Bone Temple area. The player must venture inside to retreive an ancient dagger, capable of destroying the Ashen god Srai once and for all. Srai is being resurrected and will soon break his chains.
Exploration for "The Descent" and Bone Temple series.
The Descent

Descending into the Bone Temple, attempting to find the hidden chamber. Multiple encounters with other travelers and guards
Valley of Remnants

The player journeys through the rocky canyon inside a giant caldera, travelling to the final boss location. This volcano was created when S'rai was last sealed- destroying a full city in the process.
Volcanic Corridor
The Maw of Hunger

Our hero journeys to the center of the volcano to find the Ashen god S'rai locked in chains, his crown brimming with fiery energy. In order to end his resurrection the main player scales the altar to end S'rai's existence once and for all.
Ceremonial Weapons & Virion the Saviour

Designs for a shotel and ceremonial axe, and one of the rogue alchemists, Virion

I hope you enjoy!