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    My new post card using the theme 'Fox's Wedding'
This illustration is from my trusty moleskin I carry around everywhere.I never leave home without it. I am using the thicker paged one at themoment. It makes scanning and cleaning easier when you don't have animage popping from behind.
My new postcard.
The theme here is'The Fox's Wedding'. It's a well known saying when it rains and shinesat the same time. I also wrote a poem to go with it. There is also alittle glimpse of my next book (the little square at the bottom).
Foxes Wedding

Rain or shine
Embrace them both
I am yours and you are mine

Smell the air
All is one
Today we entwine

Take my hand
We’ll trot all day
We’ll cross the wide green land

I am here
Always and forever
Without you life is bland

Illustration and Poem
by Cheri Scholten