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    Wedding invitation for Anne&Dan.
Wedding Invitation for Anne&Dan

This was done for Anne&Dan who will be getting married very verysoon. The over all theme is two birds. These are two birds Iillustrated. I don't know about other countries but in Japan they saythat a person is tied to their destined one with red thread. We wantedincorporate that metaphor with the two birds tying the knot.
I am abig fan of paper, texture and interaction with all materials. Thisinvitation was designed with three sections where the last section, theRSVP card and present card, is perforated so that it can be easilydetached and sent back to the bride and groom to-be. The stock used infor this project was a soft white with a blush of beautiful sparkle.Only with a tilt in the light do you actually notice the sparkle. Asfor the wrap a translucent white with thready texture was used.
I really enjoyed this!!