ChuPeter - T-shirt for lovers
Want to stick to your girl friend/boy friend all the time? You must try this...
There are very special matching outfits!
In our group, Etegg, Pluto and I got tired of the normal boring matching outfits, so we decided to design one kind of t-shirts, which are funny, sweet, interesting and have special meanings. 

The main concept is "Stick", because lovers usually want to be one's side all the time, like koala loves eucalyptus, or like Venus flytrap loves fly, or like magnetic south pole attract north pole. And then, we gave them simple but powerful slogan, you may see those on the t-shirts :)
Series 01. Koala (Give me a hug...) & Eucalyptus (I'm all ready...)
We use little part of "VELCRO" swing on our T-shirts.
So when the lovers hug tightly, they may stick to each other!
As if they don't want to leave their honey~~ woo... so sweet :D
"hey... my Venus~~ I love you... I'm coming!!!!" a fly said sincerely.
"ok...come on, baby!!"  the Venus flytrap said happily.
Series 02. a Fly (I'm coming...) & Venus flytrap (Come on, baby...)
Series 03. South pole (Where are you...)& North pole (I'm here...)
For package & display, hope you will like it :)