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A poster about "ME." 
I thought life is a process of plus, so I put lots of my pics from different ages to built a BIG ME... :) 
A poster to show respect and to arouse audiences attention of Taiwan's aborigine. 
A poster of a musical show, named "JAZZ KUANGCAO."
It's a special poster about ECFA (Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement) between Taiwan & China. And on the poster are two bills, two leaders shake hands and see each other smiling. 
8.08, 2009  was a unforgettable day. In South Taiwan, a strong typhoon brought lots of rain, and caused a horrible flood. It cause 681 people died, and 18 people can't be find till today. Therefore, I design this and the following poster, in order to encourage audiences to donate money to those victims. 
The shape 808 looks like SOS, so I combine them two to show how emergency they need help... 
This poster was also designed for 8/8 Flood. The slogan I gave was: "Not only rain, but tears flood Taiwan..."  so you can see two Taiwan's shape in the grandpa's eyes.