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    Product design project. From identiying opportunity for a brand to create a product
Adam & Eve
Puzzle Pot
The goal
For the company Hordijk EPS my team and I were assigned to design a new product for a new market  using EPS (expandable polystyrene foam) during the Integral design project. After three months of strategic analysis of the company, competitors, market opportunities... and also material analysis, we finally ended up with this concept. A product between the gardening and the outdoor futniture market.
Adam & Eve is a set of two stools and a plant pot. This is sold as one product. The user can decide which plant to have inside. The pot is made of PE and the stools are produced in EPS, over them there is a nylon cover.
Why EPS?
 EPS offers great advantages when used outside because of the nice warm sensation provided by the insulation properties of the material. On the other hand, the same insulation properties are used for protecting the plant in the pot of sudden changes in temperature and freeze.
Additionally the lightness property of EPS is used to keep the product as light and mobile as possible.