Coke Ultimate
An imaginative combination of deepfake technology, live action and VFX immerses fans in a mesmerizing League of Legends cut-scene, where they become the hero.
Virtue and Riot Games approached Tool to partner with them in creating a cinematic gaming experience starring the viewers themselves to promote the new Coca-Cola Creations Coke Ultimate limited edition flavor, inspired by League of Legends.
Lookdev of the crystal for WebGL development
For ethical reasons a decision was made to not capture the likeness of anyone under the age of 18, but we wanted to deliver an equally engaging experience for that younger demographic.  To solve for this, we created pre-rendered deep fakes using LoL inspired avatars, instead of the user’s image.  We created a library of AI generated portraits representing a wide cross section of gamers.  We then used a separate AI pipeline to animate these still faces and give them more realism via subtle facial movements.
Finally, we designed Coke Ultimate styled accessories and mapped those to the final deep fake videos, giving gamers the opportunity to experience an avatar driven experience.
Finally a collection of Ultimate stickers celebrating wins rounded out the content package.
- Client: Coca-Cola
- Strategy: Virtue / Riot Games
- Concept & Production: Tool Of North America
- Creative Direction & Design: nocomputer, Kuya
- Creative Development: David Lenaerts, Kurt Drubbel
- Systems Engineering: Studio Hyperdrive
- Music & Sound Design: Box Of Toys Audio
Coke Ultimate


Coke Ultimate