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Coca Cola Starlight

Coca-Cola / Starlight
A holographic experience featuring Ava Max
Fans in North America and Korea can purchase the new Starlight flavor, scan the QR code on the bottle or can with their mobile device and unlock one of three augmented reality “Cosmic Concerts” starring a virtual hologram of Ava Max beaming from their Starlight bottle and can portal.
Ava Max was captured performing all three songs IRL in volumetric video turning her into a photo realistic avatar and hologram experienced in augmented reality.
Each performance featured a different wardrobe and lighting setup that helped inspire the virtual worlds.

With 360 degree volumetric video and Web AR, Tool brought the team's creative direction to life. Kurt built out three miniverses for fans to freely explore and watch Ava Max’s exclusive virtual concerts while drinking their Coca-Cola Starlight.
Client: Coca Cola
Advertising agency: Virtue Worldwide
Production: Tool Of North America
Creative Agency: nocomputer
3D Environment Design: Fons Schiedon
3D Modeling & Textures: Kurt Drubbel
Object tracking: Wim Vanhenden
Holographic Volume Capture: Metastage

Coca Cola Starlight


Coca Cola Starlight