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    To create a record logotype and vinyl record label for The Puritones, from the Puritone Records label
Puritone RecordsThe Puritones Vinyl Record Label & Logo Design
"The Puritones were born in storage and refined in hip hop. As the all-time best selling storage based hip hop group in the month of March, The Puritones are set to blaze through the data center."
Listen to The Puritones
Download and listen to some of the The Puritones remixes of popular modern songs, such as: Solid State, Read and Write, Timber, Flash it Like It's Hot
"Puritone Records is the FIRST all-flash storage based music label that enables smooth rhymes and crazy beats in your car or in the data center.
The Puritones come onto the scene with 10x the excitement and 10x fresher lyrics all for the same great bit rate of other downloadable music. The Puritones are ideal for anyone who has heard of hip hop, installed storage or purchased anything from Big Storage vendors."