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'Worth' was a 4 day Pop-Up shop that questions what value really is and brings meaning to the marketplace by turning the world of commerce on its head. Selling limited edition artwork to raise money for their degree show, 2nd year Design and Interaction students from BA [Hons] Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins went viral with the first ever 'price-drop pop-up shop'.
The Online Publicity team acheived great success by starting every item in the shop at £1,000,000. Every 
time the website was shared on social media the price was reduced. After, trending on Twitter, receiving 2 million Facebook impressions & crashing the university servers, the public collectively reduced the price tag by £999,949.88 in just 17 days.
As well as the static logo used for all print applications a dynamic animated logo was also created for use on
all digital devices. The pop-up shop was created and run by 94 individual designers, each with their own style of design, so we invited each person to submit their own take on the logo - which we then compiled into an animated logo.
Photos of the night courtesy of Priscilla Odebode:
Online Publicity: Ben Silvertown & Nina Kristine Hagen
Print Publication & Posters: 
Jack Guy, Kate Fridlyanskaya,
Natasha Ayres & Lucy Streule
Sponsorship: Sophie Khoury & Tatiana Aspinwall
Shop Events: Sophie Helf, Sydney Johnson
Venue: Lucy Maitre & Melissa Bramall
Retail Design: 
Kelsey FreemanStefan Abrahams

Special Thanks To: Georgia BrideEugene Tan
Luca Iiriti, Ryan Peterson & Rachita Saraogi
Thanks for viewing.
Arjun, Ben, Jordan and Rebecca
Worth Pop-Up Branding

Worth Pop-Up Branding

'Worth' is a 4 day Pop-Up shop that questions what value really is and brings meaning to the marketplace by turning the world of commerce on its Read More
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