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    Toy car with RGB sensor to recognize the track
Nuvolari is a toy composed by a car and a modular track that wants to enjoy kids from seven to ten years old in a creative and powerful way, through the use of colors. Each pieces has different colors and they establish the behaviour of the car. The five functionalities are: start, go straight, turn righ , turn left, and stop. Once  he track is built in coherent way the car can begin the race by placing it on the start and clicking one button on the top of it. Once the race is finished, the kid can rapidly build an another track, by simply replacing the pieces as he/she wants.
Children! probably the most difficlult target :-)
The car and the track are parts of the same game, therefore the design of the former has to be linked to the design of the latter. Since the track is composed of basic shapes, the car design has to recall the same ones, but of course we must consider that it's a car (so no rectangular shape make sense, for example). Eventually, the shape is something like an oval: in this way, it's quite easy to recognize a vehicle but it leaves freedom to kid to imagine the nal identity. Indeed, each one of the group members have seen di erent objects in it: a whale, a shark, a zeppelin, an alien, a spaceship. We reasoned on this fact, and we understood that no more work was necessary on the body, like painting it or adding other appendices: indeed, by doing so, we would have limited the kids' fantasy and imagination, whose stimolation is one of the main aim of our toy.