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    Shred collects our visual exploration of robots, monsters and spacemen in traditional mediums.

Torn loose from the binds of our sketchbooks.

Stepping away from the lure of technology, our jaunt into the world of traditional mediums has lead us to undiscovered dimensions full of fierce robotic warriors, ominous slithering beasts and a few old timers trying to keep the peace.
Weighing in at over 60 pages, this interplanetary field guide details our adventures through the uncharted sectors of the CreatureBox universe.
So if you've ever wanted to count the teeth of a Raptorkrill, or were curious about the inner workings of a Deathbot, this is the book for you. This downloadable collection is a DRM free, digital PDF download for your computer and mobile devices. Each page is packed with high quality scans revealing the smallest of details from more than a year’s worth of work.
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