The Monster Volume
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    At long last, we’re extremely excited to announce our new book project: The MONSTER VOLUME. This premium hardcover has been a true labor of love.
An Artbook 5 Years in the Making

CreatureBox began in 2007 as a spontaneous exploration of character design. Jumping back into the influences of our childhoods, we pulled inspiration from classic Sunday comics, monster books and a wide assortment of cartoons. In the years that followed, we searched for our own voice while learning from the classics. This wild journey, with thousands of hours behind the drawing table, has culminated into our first premium artbook: The MONSTER VOLUME.
For the cover we sought to promote our brand identity while holding to a bold presence for the bookshelf. And it wouldn't be a CreatureBox book without a few tentacles.
As an added bonus to our supporters, we also designed a limited edition slip-case.
For the last year, we have been working away on a broad range of new content including zany creatures, stranded spacemen and a host of maniacal robots. Cover to cover, the book represents the largest volume of unpublished work we've ever created.
To compliment the new content, we jumped at the opportunity to remaster our sold out sketch book series for the larger page size. In several cases, we updated the spreads with new designs to further expand the work. All told, the volume weighs in at 140 pages of monster packed creator owned content.
This is an exciting time for self-publishing. To fund thisbook, we chose Kickstarter because of their innovative approach in allowing fans to contribute to the projects they love.

If you'd like to learn more, swing by our project's Kickstarter campaign. Thanks so much for your continued support!