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Escape Velocity
Fine Arts
Escape Velocity (2023)

Oefner's latest sculptures continue to challenge our perception of reality by creating objects that seem impossible. Using archaic tools like band saws and sanding blocks, he slices everyday items such as a saxophone, a computer, a chainsaws or a hammer in a way that makes them appear as if they are magically pushing through walls. Engaging with these sculptures in person evokes a sense of curiosity, as we grapple with the paradoxical fusion of scientific knowledge and the surreal tapestry woven by these sculptures on the stage of reality.

“The methods of my art are like photoshop for the real world. I am reversing the process, translating digital tools like slicing or clipping into analog techniques of work. In an environment dominated by manipulated images and artificially created content, I really enjoy creating these objects, that have a physical presence and are profoundly real, yet seem to come from a digital realm.”

Fabian Oefner

Escape Velocity VII - Chai | aw 
Escape Velocity IV - Dr | ll 
Escape Velocity V - Ha | er 
Escape Velocity III - Ma | tosh 
Arranging Escape Velocity II - Muha | li at the Studio.
Escape Velocity II - Muha | li
Escape Velocity I - Sax | hone
Escape Velocity VI - Sn | ker
Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity