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    A selection of paintings part of the latest exhibition by Lebanese artist Maroun Hakim.
A collection of works exhibited as part of "Ainsi Je Vois, Ainsi Je Sens, Ainsi Je Crée" (This Is How I See, This Is How I Feel, This Is How I Create) which took place at Galerie Surface Libre, Beirut. 

The artworks are a celebration of color, movement and sceneries filled with hope.
Autumn Tattoo
2010, 120x130 cm, Acrylics
Women Of Earth & Clouds
2010, 120x130 cm, Acrylics
Radiating Summer
2010, 120x130 cm, Acrylics
God Is Light
2011, 120x130 cm, Acrylics
Incandescent Whispers
2011, 120x130 cm, Acrylics
The Spirit Of The Earth
2011, 120x130 cm, Acrylics
Ecstasy Of Colors
2011, 120x130 cm, Acrylics
Guardians Of The Temple
2011, 120x100 cm, Acrylics
The Union Of Lovers
2010, 100x120 cm, Acrylics
Goddess Of The Harvest
2010, 100x120 cm, Acrylics
The Dance Of Wounds
2011, 100x100 cm, Acrylics
Body Of The Earth: Houses & Hills
2010, 70x120 cm, Acrylics
Stretches Of Green & Sky
2010, 85x100 cm, Acrylics
The Rest Of The Waves
2010, 60x80 cm, Acrylics
The Links Of Affection
2010, 80x60 cm, Acrylics
House At The Bottom Of The Mountain
2010, 90x90 cm, Acrylics
Hills Of Light
2010, 50x40 cm, Acrylics
Intimate Embrace
2011, 70x50 cm, Acrylics
Violet Terraces
2010, 50x70 cm, Acrylics
Dancing Colors
2011, 70x50 cm, Acrylics
Spaces Of Light
2010, 45x45 cm, Acrylics
Circles Of Passion & Desire
2010, 120x100 cm, Acrylics
2010, 45x45 cm, Acrylics
Walking On Water
2010, 150x200 cm, Acrylics
The Veins Of Creation
2010, 29x20 cm, Acrylics
Violet Motherhood
2010, 27.5x27.5 cm, Acrylics
Human Shadows
2010, 27.5x27.5 cm, Acrylics
Lady Of The Countryside
2010, 170x210 cm, Acrylics
Returning Home
2010, 29x20 cm, Acrylics
Under The Snow
2010, Acrylics, 22.5x22.5 cm
Red Tiles & Brooms
2010, 22.5x22.5 cm, Acrylics
Tiles Coloring The Sky
2010, 24.5x18 cm, Acrylics
Houses In The Valley
2010, 24.5x18 cm, Acrylics