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Royals next door TV series

Royals next door (TV series)

A Royal family that moves to a normal house!

Crown Princess Stella has just received the best news ever!
Due to water damage in the castle the royal family has to move out. Queen Kat sees it as the perfect opportunity to modernise. In line with King Bob’s royal motto “Closer to the people” they decide to live in a normal house in an ordinary suburb.
It’s time to show the people that the Royals are just like everyone else. 
Our series explores the challenge of adapting to change without losing your identity. 
Royals Next Door is a co-production between Pikkukala, Pikkukala Barcelona, Walking the Dog and Ink&Light.

Format and target
52 x 11′, 8-12 years

I worked as a rigging lead on this series.

Royals next door TV series

Royals next door TV series


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