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Exploring the Intersection of Botanical and Bacterial Worlds: Onesal's Abstract Visual Showcase for Klinex BotaniTech.
Our Roles
Art direction, Film Direction, CG Production, Key Visuals Development.
​​​​​​​Klinex is a renowned brand in the hygiene and sanitation industry, providing innovative solutions to protect people from harmful bacteria and viruses. They recently launched BotaniTech, a naturally derived technology that effectively kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, making it safer for people to use. We collaborated with the creative agency Lola MullenLowe in Spain to develop a visually striking design that highlighted the natural and effective qualities of the product.

The challenge was to create a campaign that effectively communicated the benefits of Klinex BotaniTech to the target audience. The campaign needed to be visually striking and unique, in order to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Additionally, the campaign needed to highlight the natural and gentle qualities of the product, while also emphasizing its effectiveness in killing bacteria and viruses.

This campaign featured a series of 3D animations that showcased the natural formula of the product in an abstract way. The visuals included a beautiful plant-like formation and delicate spheres that represented the natural ingredients used in the product. These elements were designed to convey the natural and gentle qualities of BotaniTech, while also highlighting its effectiveness in killing bacteria and viruses.

Our goal was to represent viruses and bacteria in a way that was both striking and visually appealing. We intentionally avoided portraying them as dirty or unattractive and instead utilized bold colors, intricate hairs, and fluffy textures to create a captivating contrast with the natural formula of BotaniTech

This approach effectively communicated the product's ability to target harmful pathogens while simultaneously highlighting its safer and more natural composition compared to other disinfectants on the market. 

By prioritizing both aesthetics and efficacy, we created a compelling campaign that resonated with consumers and reinforced the power of nature's defense against germs.

The collaboration between Onesal and Lola MullenLowe resulted in an original and innovative video for Klinex BotaniTech. Through the use of abstract visual design, the project provides a fresh perspective on the product's natural formula. The unique approach taken by the creative teams showcases their ability to think outside the box and create a visually striking representation of the product.

Bits of the process

Client: Unilever
Agency: Lola Mullenlowe
Production: Onesal
Post-Production Partner: Hogarth Worldwide

Creative Director: Nahuel Salcedo
Film Director: Damian Sendin
Art Director: Damian Sendin
Design & Animation: Damian Sendin, Ryo Kobayashi, Robert Sundelin (Pitch)
Storyboard Artist: Nahuel Sagarnaga
Editing: Koji Obara, Ryo Kobayashi

Executive Producer: Li Feng
Producers: Ailin Brunner, Lucia Gutkin, Li Feng
Treatment development: Nahuel Salcedo, Maria Belen Guerra

Klinex Botanitech

Klinex Botanitech

In collaboration with Lola MullenLowe in Spain, we crafted a visually stunning video that showcases the potent yet gentle nature of Klinex Botani Read More