We are bears but we are unusual. We don't eat honey, don't sleep in lair, don't suck our paws and pose no danger to humans.
   We are a couple of romantic and friendly creatures who's eager for media fame and popularity! This spring we took a part in an interesting project for the TV channel Friday and showed to all viewers fragments of our fun bear life. Task for the channel team was to make TV idents dedicated to the coming of spring and the Women's Day on March 8th.
   So we played typical scenes as how men would try to delight their lovely women and take care of all their household chores and responsibilities.
   Team has developed a scene - meadow with trees, flowers, lawn, shrubs, as well as a sofa and a floor lamp, a symbol for «apartment». They also created separately fur logo in order to bring a spring, warm and plush atmosphere. Through this video shooting we made friends with a bunch of cool guys - real fun professionals. Thanks to all of them! Rrrrrr!
Client:                       Friday TV channel / Russia
Creative Director:   Alexandr Drozdov
Stage Director:        Plohotnikov Vadim 
D.O.P:                       Demid Malyuga
Motion Designers:  Vitaly Sacred, Sergey Kazakov
Sound Designer:    Andey Skripunov
Producer:                 Zhigalova Daria