99U Quarterly Magazine :: Issue No.1

At 99U, we recognize that reading about idea execution online is a catch-22: the web browser isn’t always the ideal environment to lean back and shun the emails and notifications that distract us in our day-to-day. To help offer a reprieve from the madness, we are happy to introduce the 99U Quarterly, a brand new print publication offering our best creative insights packaged in a beautifully designed pixel-free format.
Using the bold combination of black, white, and purple (Pantone 2725 U), we experimented with new typographic treatments contrasting sans-serif and serif fonts Trade Gothic Bold Cond. 20 and Adobe Caslon Pro, with accents of the elegant font AW Conqueror. 
We created a simple but flexible grid system, allowing us to define different sections of the magazine, from bite-sized takeaways, to full interviews and in-depth articles. The alternating use of color throughout was also important in creating a satisfying visual rhythm and reading experience. 

CREATIVE DIRECTION & DESIGN: Raewyn Brandon & Matias Corea
ILLUSTRATOR: Karolis Strautniekas
99U Quarterly Magazine :: Issue No.1