99U Quarterly Magazine :: Issue No.2
99U Quarterly Magazine :: Issue No.2

At 99U, we recognize that reading about idea execution online is a catch-22: the web browser isn’t always the ideal environment to lean back and shun the emails and notifications that distract us in our day-to-day. To help offer a reprieve from the madness, we are happy to publish the 99U Quarterly, a print publication offering our best creative insights packaged in a beautifully designed pixel-free format.  
For our second issue we relied much more on typographic elements rather than illustrative ones to add varity. The magazine was printed using only black, white, and the color of hot pink (Pantone 1925 U). To freshen up our type treatments, we enlisted the help of the bold accent font Domaine Display. 
The cover, by illustrator Vincent Mahé, is intended to acknowledge the tension between doing your best work while the summer weather beckons. Finding that balance can be difficult for many, and the depiction of the beach as office highlights the extreme solutions we sometimes (rightly or wrongly) undertake.

CREATIVE DIRECTION & DESIGN: Raewyn Brandon & Matias Corea
Cover & 'Workbook' Illustrations by Vincent Mahe
99U Quarterly Magazine :: Issue No.2