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Selection of unseen print work 2011–14

For several years, I was fortunate enough to work with range of briefs from individuals and collaborations to small companies. I've created posters, illustrations and covers for magazines. Listed here is work that hasn't been mentioned on Behance before. Work that isn't on this list can be found on my website. Please love and admire or hate and criticise!


Democracy issue
Cover for Plug magazine

ПЛУГ (PLUG, English: Plow) is Estonian's only award-winning Russian culture magazine that is entirely volunteer based, established in 2009. I was excited to design the 28th issue of the magazine's cover dedicated to democracy. The illustration reflects the ladder of democracy and capitalism with a modern, comfortable lifestyle at the top and war and slavery at the bottom.
↳ Process / Project
Body Mind & Soul
Poster for You Cannot Fail NGO

I was asked to design a poster and t-shirt for the cystic fibrosis foundation You Cannot Fail based in Detroit. Poster should have three words written on it: Body, Mind and Spirit. People who is suffering with the decease are facing a lot of breathing problems and therefore are required constant exercises including running. My idea involves these three words written in a way of a running track surrounded by a natural environment that includes fresh air: sea, mountains and trees.
Oxygen Owl
Poster for Sputnik event

Party is dedicated to electronic music and leaves no explanation why it is called so. The idea was to design a simple pictogram that will be displayed on the warning sign.
What Happens In Las Vegas
Poster for Show Us Your Type

Show Us Your Type is a project about type and cities. I was asked to participate in the poster competition dedicated to Las Vegas.
↳ Process / Project


Flying Sputnik tree
Card for Sputnik event

Illustration for the Sputnik's Happy New Year 2014 card.
↳ Project
Poster for Talenthouse

Bruce Robertson is a Machiavellian, intensely misanthropic man who spends his time indulging in cocaine and alcohol abuse, sexually abusive relationships, compulsive gorging on junk food and the games. All that leads him to drug addiction, bipolar disorder as well as having a tapeworm grow in his intestines. So the idea was to illustrate the word 'Filth' using the tapeworm.
↳ Process / Project
Poster for Sputnik events

The idea for this even was to invite three bands from Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Tallinn. My idea was to show abbreviation of the names of these cities.
↳ Project
Latvian Invasion
Poster for Sputnik event

Unlike Sputnik events Sputnik Cafe is much smaller, this includes small number of bands and their performance time. My initial idea was to show hand holding tiny Sputnik, which reflects the idea of invasion and small.
↳ Project
Electro Reede
Poster for Sputnik event

Electro Reede (engl. Electro Friday) is a small Sputnik Cafe event. The idea behind the visual was to show batteries that represent electronics and integrate them into the banana. Well why not.
↳ Project


Last Tango In Thanet
Poster, hand lettering for Tango event

The 'Last Tango in Thanet' is the name of a Tango Milonga that was held in Margate, Kent. I was asked to design the flyer to add more flair and to give it it a fresher, more suitable look. There was no particular style to adhere to, so I experimented with hand written calligraphy as I thought the dynamic of the brush strokes added movement and rhythm to the design, tying in with the theme of dance.
↳ Project
ПЛУГ 3rd Anniversary
Poster for Plug magazine birthday event

Sputnik is celebrating ПЛУГ's 3rd anniversary. The primary poster idea was to show the right perspective where the light hits the cake and it drops the sputnik shape shadow. Secondary poster had to reflect festive mood by showing the sputnik-shaped balloon.
↳ Project
Не по адресу
Poster for comedy show

Не по адресу (Ne po adresu, english: Wrong address), is a comedy improvisational show. This was christmas release of the show so the concept was to show sets of keys are forming into the snowflake.
↳ Project
Pussy Riot Appeal
Posters for Drum magazine

There are many theories out there debating why the members of the Pussy Riot punk band were imprisoned. I would like to focus on a particular view that their performance within the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was regarded as hooliganism, the punishment of which was a prison sentence. The idea behind these posters is to question of why the music is treated as a crime. Concept: Music is not a crime. End line: When did Punk Rock become a prison sentence?
↳ Project
Wimbledon Final Party
Poster for after party

Wimbledon tennis cup is getting to the final and the big celebration party is scheduled. Group of people requested A3 poster to be put in the bars. Gold, champagne and tennis.
↳ Project
Word Wide World
Poster for SPutnik event

This time Sputnik went for more dramatic theme. I was asked to design poster for the event dedicated to music and poetry. (Before you say "Noma Bar rip-offs" please look at the brief and the date)
↳ Project
Talented Poor People
Album cover for Mic Supreme

This cover is made out of £5 notes previously modelled to the nearest millimetre using the approximate grid system. Concept was to show the small money value where cash can be created by poor but talented people. Cash notes were printed on 100gsm paper and mounted onto 76x76cm foam board. Use Aurasma app to see album promo.
↳ Project


Pancake Play
Brochure for Lyle's Golden Syrup

The client required nice looking customer pack for the Pancake Day celebration. Pack should include brochure, flip chart, shapes for cooking, stickers and all that put into nice designed box. My task was to turn the concept into fine looking visuals.
↳ Project
Girls Wanna Have Fun
Poster for Sputnik event

Idea was to create two posters based on the song of Cyndi Lauper "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" using retro pin up style. Concept was to show girls are about to have fun.
↳ Project
New parent life insurance
Leaflet for Post Office

The leaflet aimed at new parents offering them life insurance cover up to 10K produced for the Post Office.
↳ Project

The Pointer is a perspective, a point of view. It helps to direct as well as entertain people within a particular environment. The Pointer is the concept that was born out of this perception. This diagram shows the work process and the factors that would not let me finish the job.
↳ Project

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Selection of unseen print work 2011–14


Selection of unseen print work 2011–14

Here are selected projects was done from 2011 – 2014 related to print.