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Re-design of Rudo and Tecnico tequila labels

Re-design of Rudo and Tecnico tequila labels

Tequilas Rudo and Tecnico are inspired by Lucha Libre, an extremely popular Mexican style of professional wrestling, and its rich cultural tradition. All Lucha matches are based on the eternal battle between forces of good and evil, represented by two groups of wrestlers: Tecnicos, noble fighters and heroes, and the famous villains of the sport, brawlers and rule-breakers, Rudos.

Client — Double Eagle Imports
Design — Anton Burmistrov
3d visuals — Gareth Chang

The issue with the current Rudo and Tecnico labels

Comic book-style illustrations are confusing for the consumer and make the product look “cheap” and gimmicky. Each age expression within the brand features different wrestlers' figures, cluttering the brand message. There are too many colours involved and intermingled between the two products, which make it difficult for people to distinguish between the Rudo and Tecnico brands. The paper used for the labels is thin, metallic and does not highlight the artisanal origins of the products.


Design a label to highlight the artisanal roots and premium quality of the tequila, to help connect with a larger customer base, through the new packaging design.


The essence of Lucha is in its cool, edgy and mysterious style. The Lucha mask is the main visual anchor, surrounded by the elements that underscore the fascinating cultural tradition.

Opt.1 Tequila name below the side profile of lucha libre wrestler.
Opt.2 Lucha libre in action with tequila name written on title belt.
Opt.3 Stylised Mexican tattoo on the back of the wrestler.
Opt.4 Front on mask above the tequila name, vignetted by decorative flourishes.

Design process

Client chooses option 4 and this route is developed.

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The design of Rudo and Tecnico tequilas is based on the intricate masks worn by Lucha Libre wrestlers. The mask is a centre piece of the label design surrounded by typography and flourishes.

Evolution or revolution?​​​​​​​

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Re-design of Rudo and Tecnico tequila labels


Re-design of Rudo and Tecnico tequila labels

A label design for tequilas Rudo and Tecnico. The design is based on the intricate masks worn by Lucha Libre wrestlers. The mask is a centre piec Read More