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  • PF Bague Universal Pro

    European Design Awards 2014: Bronze

  • Bague Universal Pro
    Copyright ©2014
    Designer: Panos Vassiliou

    Bague Universal is a contemporary geometric typeface superfamily which blends distinct minimalist characteristics with mainstream details. Despite its inspiration from Herbert Bayer’s drawing of the 1920s, it diverts from the constructivist rigidity and display structure of early geometric typefaces by incorporating humanist characteristics as well as classic letterform shapes with a high degree of legibility which balance out the extremity of the minimal shapes. This leads to a very clean and legible typeface with a warm well-balanced texture and a distinct personality. Bague Universal is a typeface that stays true to its urban nature and heritage. It is ideal for intense editorial use in magazines and is totally recommended for forward-thinking corporate environments, music, fashion, technology startups and socially active individuals.

    Another remarkable feature of Bague Universal is its vast array of uppercase alternates and ligatures which truly shine when set at display sizes. Make your selection from 6 distinct groups of alternates as well as a rich set of discretionary ligatures and watch it transform into a flexible, charming and stylish typeface with strong modern aesthetics. This typeface offers enormous possibilities and variations for editorial design, branding and corporate identity. The Bague Universal superfamily includes 18 weights from Hairline to Ultra Black and matching true-italics with a consistent and well-refined structure. Each style consists of 1017 glyphs with more that 280 alternates and ligatures and an extended set of characters which supports simultaneously Latin, Cyrillic and Greek.


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