Cairo and The Natural Laws of Wonderland {Jam Jar Art}
The project is mainly inspired from Alice in Wonderland, in which i tried to imagine Egyptian scenarios out of some well known parts in the story. i made the people from Cairo like Alice, striving to make logic out of things. They would cling to the logic and behavior approved for their reality but the laws of Wonderland will challenge there ways of coping with things. 

Since no one knows what is known in Wonderland, it is fully a field of freedom, one that often degrades into chaos. One will begin to overturn their previous way of acting to cope more adequately with this nonsensicalness.
1# Jar 
Discovering the rabbit hole. (from the prespective of a poor man who sells foul)
2# Jar
Origami creature settles on one of the farms.
3# Jar
Robbing the White Rabbit. (They follow the white rabbit, but only to steal his watch)
4# Jar
Cards Taking a Microbus Ride. 
5# Jar
Caterpillar Square
(the image on the left is taken from Google)
6# Jar
Tafida took the 'Drink Me' Potion and got bigger, While Hanafy is knocking on the door waiting for her to open.
"Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast"
Lewis Carroll
Cairo and The Natural Laws of Wonderland {Jam Jar Art}