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    BrandFarm is a coaching project of Karel Novotny, focusing on personal branding — helping various talented individuals shine in their field.
BrandFarm is a personal consulting business of Karel Novotný, helping individual talents and stars shine even more. Karel didn't want to use the omnipresent "testimonials", so he came up with the idea of taking pictures with his clients in themed scenes.
Client, Concept / Karel Novotny
Art Direction, Postproduction, Web / Adam Hruby
Photography / Tino Kratochvil
Makeup / Ester Tesaříková
Logo / Vít Rýznar

Launch project www.brandfarm.biz
Karel Novotný / himself, brand couch
Magda Martinková / photographer
David Grund / business consultant
Ondra Švec / dancer
Jan Řezáč / web consultant
Iva Mráčková / hairdresser
Petra Bartoňková / painter
Otto Bohuš / copywriter
Veronika Indráková / model
Launch project www.brandfarm.biz