Winter trip to the highlands of Iceland

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  • Here is a photo diary of a super-jeep trip through the highlands of Iceland to Hveravellir, a geothermal area and mountain hut in the right middle of nowhere...
    Super-jeep expedtion is the main way of travelling in the highlands in winter (except if you have 10 days to enjoy a great backcountry ski trip of course).
    We drove for 8 hours instead of 2 in summer to join the hut, getting stucked in the snow, in some hidden rivers; but that's the game and at the end a great barbecue, a bath in the geothermal pool and the show of the northern lights is there to welcome you!
    These isolated areas of Iceland are even more fantastic in winter with no one around you! I'm planning a photography trip this way for next winter, could be an awesome way to experience Iceland with good company, some bottles, great food and snowshoes to discover around!
    You can check on the map below, we left Reykjavik in the south-west to join Hveravellir in the middle of the country and finish the crossing of the Kjolur track the day after to come back downtown.
    As always, I was not looking for the best quality pictures but for the ones that would transcribe my emotions the best!
    So yes it looks like a photo documentary but that's my preferred way of showing my trips, my passion for Iceland to you guys!
    Hope you like it!!