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Joe Hisaishi - Hana-Bi animation

Joe Hisaishi - Hana-Bi
3D music-synced animation
During the year 2021, I had the chance to work for Joe Hisaishi, with the task of creating animations for five of his compositions. He gave me complete freedom in all aspects of the project, with only one request: that I not be influenced by the films for which the music was composed, but only by the music itself.

When I started working on Hana-Bi, I was listening to the music on repeat, trying to get the powerful images of Takeshi Kitano's film out of my mind, when my 5-year-old son interrupted my thoughts:
"Dad, the music makes me want to cry... I get super sad when I hear it."
"Do you want me to turn it off?"
"No, put it back on! I like being sad when I hear it."
"You like being sad? How come?"

I could see he was trying to put words to his thoughts, so I put the music back on to help him. After a few minutes of silent listening, he explained :
"It is like the dead orchid. I am sad every time I see it. But I know it would bloom again, so I am happy to be sad."
Joe Hisaishi - Hana-Bi animation

Joe Hisaishi - Hana-Bi animation

Animation for the music Hana-Bi from Joe Hisaishi.