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    Snobot is Dacosta Bayley's second toy in the Kaniza series produced by ToyQube of New York.
SNOBOT logo design
Teaser Poster

SNOBOT is the second toy design I created with ToyQube in New York.

The Concept:

SNOBOTS are little visitors from a far off planet which seems to be here to study us or our environment.

Theories suggest that SNOBOTS communicate telepathically. This has given rise to the hypothesis (amongst those in the field) that we build snowmen because of a hypnotic suggestion planted deep in our subconscious by these little visitors long ago.

Additional: A telltale sign that a SNOBOT have been around are steamy yellow stains in the snow left by hot coolant ejected from their suits.

More info goto : CHOCOLATE SOOP
Packaging design
Final packaging
Promotional poster 01
Promotional image 02