Stikalicious App Project
Stikalicious App Project

Stikalicious™ is the first character based, fully customizable wallpaper creation app design for the tablet platform which allows you to mash up 450+ characters from multiple artists. Inspired by sticker culture and a love of characters, the Stikalicious™ app project brings together the work of some of the best character designers on the planet, and the leading edge of interactive tablet devices. Stikalicious™ puts a world of characters at you fingertips.

Artist currently appearing are: Abe Lincoln Jr., Caramelaw, Charuca, Dacosta!, Filter017, Frazer, Gabriel Mourelle, Jared K. Nickerson, Junichi Tsuneoka, Killamari, MAD, Mark ‘Atomos’ Pilon, narboo, PodgyPanda, Shawnimals, SKET-ONE, Steve Talkowski, Yoshii, Plus – JESTER, kaNO, Lou Pimentel, Steve Rolston, Terry Chui, Tokyo-go=go, Von Glitschka, and more on the way.
 Pick'em out, Slap'em Down, Mash'em Up, and Show'em Off!
Stikalicious App Project