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Graphic Design Trends 2023

As some graphic design trends come and go, others remain in the leading chart positions for years. Each year, we at GraphicMama, take the time to create thorough research on what design trends are currently on the rise. So, here we are - 11 trends that are about to make graphic design in 2023 incredible and exciting. 

Expected or completely new? Scroll down to learn.

Trend 1:
The Clay Look
Real or digitally made, the plasticine clay effect is a current hit in the world of graphic design. You will easily recognize it by its slightly imperfect 3D shapes that look like they've been made with fingers (well, some are!). The plasticine clay trend is a great reminder that real beauty hides in imperfection.

Trend 2:
The 3D Memphis Style
The revolutionary movement from the last century is now back with a super modern twist of voluminous 3D shapes. The modern Memphis style reveals a sense of exclusivity and an incredible taste for combining multiple bright colors with oversize basic geometric shapes.

Trend 3: 
The Clean Style
Minimalist and unostentatious, this style will always have its place among the top graphic design trends. The clean style gets rid of everything unnecessary to leave space only for the essential things. The clean style finds its application in almost every type of graphic design - website design, UI design, packaging, publications, etc.

Trend 4:
Trippy Design
The trippy design is the rebel of the modern day. It simply doesn’t obey any rules. In trippy designs, you will see a real mish-mash of styles that can make you feel like you’re having hallucinations. Well, don’t wonder. This is actually a wanted effect!

Trend 5:
Neon & Abstract Cartoon Stickers
Sure, real stickers have been here for a long, long time giving you the unique opportunity to personalize all your belongings. But this accessory has entered the stage of graphic design in the quest to create even more exciting graphic compositions. Stickers in neon colors and abstract shapes pop among all.

Trend 6:
70s Retro Flat Designs
The style of the 70s has never left the stage if you ask us. Awesome combinations of bright colors that instantly lift the mood, the must-have thin black outlining that surrounds each element of the design, boosted with modern multiple gradients here and there, is certainly a recipe to catch the attention even nowadays!

Trend 7:
Simplified 3D Style
Oversimplification is reaching new heights in the form of big stylized 3D objects characterized by smooth surfaces, and just a marking of details where they are really necessary. The style is kind of appealing and adorable since it easily reminds of basic baby toys. 

Trend 8:
Abstract Line Art Characters
Crazy and weird-looking characters have been a real hit among all fields of design for the last several years. Recently, we are seeing a rise in creating such characters with thin outlining in tune with the 70s retro style. Well, since there aren’t any particular rules in creating stylized characters for art, character designers definitely take the best out of the maxim “the crazier, the better”.

Trend 9:
Artistic Serif Fonts
Serif fonts have always been a sign of class, conveying sophistication, elegance, and even delicacy. We are witnessing a new trend here with designers manipulating Serif Fonts to make letters interact with other elements of the design, carry a specific symbolism or just be more playful.

Trend 10:
Rainbow Palette Colors
What embraces diversity more than the rainbow itself? With the rising awareness of the importance to be tolerant and large-minded about diversity in all its shapes and forms, here comes the trend of the rainbow color palette which nowadays finds its place in almost every type and medium of graphic design.

Trend 11:
Nature-Inspired Designs
The oldest inspiration of all can never lose its topicality. Graphic compositions inspired by nature will keep making the world of design more beautiful and harmonic. We will certainly see combinations of real nature with fictional elements, as well. 

Well, it seems that the year 2023 is going to be fantastic in terms of graphic design. We have contrasting trends, a huge diversity of styles, and an unquenchable thirst for experimentation that promises a year-to-remember.

Want to get into detail about each trend? 

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Graphic Design Trends 2023


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