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OnePlus N300 Photoshoot
OnePlus N300 Photoshoot
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While Transparent House is mostly known for its award winning CG work, we also specialize in both photography and video projects that deliver the same visually stunning quality TH is known for. For its November launch of the latest N300 phone model, OnePlus hired TH to produce a series of CG visuals, as well as to shoot a number of photography assets to adapt the artistic vision of the main campaign into the real world. 

The goal for the photography portion of the project, was to convey the N300’s features exclusively through the model’s appearance and postures. For example, we utilized two models dancing to highlight the phone’s dual cameras, or a long exposure shot of the model sprinting visualizes the N300’s fast charging feature. We also wanted to create photos that emulate or adapt the look and feel of the main product animation. Matching photos to CG assets can be challenging, as they are vastly different visual mediums. However, TH was up to the task!

"From 3D animations to photography, it’s nice to have a partner who can execute on our vision holistically."

Carlos Zúñiga
OnePlus Creative Director 

The photos are currently displayed nationwide in retail store and online with T-Mobile 
and other OnePlus partners. 

Behind the Scenes
The photoshoot for the campaign took place in a Downtown LA studio on July 23rd, 2022.

Client: OnePlus
Executive Producer: Denis Krylov
Creative Director: Carlos Zúniga
Photographer: Sergei Kozlov
Line Producer: Eugene Telegin
Makeup and Hair: Natalia Kozlova
Gaffer: Mili Gevorkyan
Stylist / Wardrobe: Max Gor
Stylist Assistant: Irina Loginowski
Photographer’s Assistant/DIT: Nate Mandurrago
Special thanks to Attic Koncept LA
Colorgrading/Retouch: Paragon Studio 

Emeka Nwoye
Kelly Smetakova

OnePlus N300 Photoshoot